2019 ANZAC Day Ceremony at Coogee Beach

Greg Forster and Richard Woodburn laid a wreath on behalf of the Rotary Club of Randwick at the ANZAC Day ceremony held in the early morning at Coogee Beach on Thursday 25th April 2019, to commemorate the sacrifices made by many during the wars and other conflicts in which Australia has been involved since Federation in 1901. These sacrifices include the sufferings of spouses, family, friends and community  members before, during and after the involvement of their loved ones in these conflicts. The event remembered the deaths and afflictions visited upon many who fought in the conflicts as well as those who did not fight but who were otherwise involved. The sufferings that continued after the conflicts ended were also remembered, these sufferings including physical, psychological, emotional, mental and other afflictions.  The role of our defence forces in maintaining the security of our nation was acknowledged. We also prayed and sang requesting that God be merciful to us as a nation and as individuals as we live the days he has given us.

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